Articles for March 2017

Roskam and Hultgren vote to allow ISPs to sell your personal information for a profit!

Voting for House Resolution 230, Republicans voted on March 28, 2017 to roll back privacy rules established by the FCC that will allow Internet Service Providers to collect and sell Americans personal information to anyone for a profit.  Both congressmen Roskam and Hultgren voted along party lines to roll back privacy rules established during the Obama administration.  15 brave Republicans did break with their party to vote against this major privacy give away but neither of our congressmen joined them.

Under the regulation rollback, there are few limits on the ways Internet providers can collect and use your  sensitive data. That includes not just allowing providers to create marketing profiles based on your browsing history, but will also let them deploy undetectable software tools to track your web traffic.

“They can use your information and sell it to the highest bidder,” California congresswoman Anne Eshoo stated. “I think it’s a sad day if the bill passes.”

Rubber Stamp Roskam doggedly follows strict party line

What will it take to get Peter Roskam to listen to his constituents instead of national party big-wigs?

According to the Chicago Tribune, Roskam backs the tax provisions in the ACA repeal which would give big tax cuts to medical device makers, insurance companies and wealthy Americans.

Click here to read the Chicago Tribune article here.

Roskam has a long record for pro-business voting that is reflected in his campaign donors roster and consistently supports tax cuts that heavily favor the rich and powerful.

Click here to view his recent voting record for more details.


Roskam Ignores Constituents – Supports ACA destruction to the very end

Despite a massive outcry from District 6 constituents Roskam vowed to vote for the repeal of the Affordable Care ACT including last minute draconian cuts in coverage demanded by ultra-conservative members of the House Freedom Caucus.

Changes to the bill which Roskam continued to support included:

  • Repealing the requirement that health insurance plans cover a core set of essential health benefits such as hospitalizations, maternity care, prescription drugs, as well as mental health and substance use disorder treatment.
  • If this provision was repealed, insurers would be free once again to arbitrarily cut off coverage for patients because their treatment is too expensive.

What will it take to get our right-wing representative to listen to the voters?

Read the March 24, 2017 article by Glenn Minnis of the North Cook News for more here

5 Calls – Make Your Voice Heard

Make a difference!  Spend 5 minutes to make 5 calls.  Here’s a link to a great web site that will show you how to efficiently make your voice heard.  You can pick the programs that are most important to you on this handy web site that also helps you target the right people at the right time.

Spend 5 minutes. Make 5 calls.

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5 Calls


Roskam Voted To Arm The Mentally Incompetent


Peter Roskam voted Yes on H.R. 1181 Veterans 2nd Amendment Protection Act—Prohibits the Department of Veterans Affairs to prevent veterans who are mentally incapacitated or deemed mentally incompetent from obtaining a firearm. Let him know how you feel about his vote–202-225-4561

Source: 6th District of Illinois – Holding Rep. Peter Roskam Accountable FaceBook Page
Special Thanks to Dana Bussing

Roskam vows not to hold town meetings!

On February 2, 2017 Crains Chicago Business

quoted the Roskam staff as saying

"He will never hold an open town hall meeting."

Welcome to the new Roskam-Watch web page created to make constituents in the Illinois 6th Congressional District aware of the positions and voting record of Representative Peter Roskam.

Representative Roskam has made it a consistent practice to avoid interaction with his constituents and only meets with fellow party members in closed door meetings.

We're just getting started, so give us a little time to gather the relevant information you need to make an informed decision in the next election.

Our goal is to provide transparency of what our congressman is doing and strive to make him aware when he doesn't represent the views of local voters. In 8 years, Mr. Roskam has not met openly with people in his district to discuss issues.