Voting for House Resolution 230, Republicans voted on March 28, 2017 to roll back privacy rules established by the FCC that will allow Internet Service Providers to collect and sell Americans personal information to anyone for a profit.  Both congressmen Roskam and Hultgren voted along party lines to roll back privacy rules established during the Obama administration.  15 brave Republicans did break with their party to vote against this major privacy give away but neither of our congressmen joined them.

Under the regulation rollback, there are few limits on the ways Internet providers can collect and use your  sensitive data. That includes not just allowing providers to create marketing profiles based on your browsing history, but will also let them deploy undetectable software tools to track your web traffic.

“They can use your information and sell it to the highest bidder,” California congresswoman Anne Eshoo stated. “I think it’s a sad day if the bill passes.”

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