Articles for April 2017

Chicago Sun-Time Rips Roskam For Ducking Constituents

Echoing long running complaints from voters in the Illinois Congressional 6th District about Peter Roskams dogged refusal to attend open meetings with his constituents, the Chicago Sun-Time Editorial Board chimed in on April 25th with  an editorial entitled “Come out, come out, wherever you are, Peter Roskam”.

The Editorial ripped the congressman from the Illinois 6th Congressional District for refusing to meet in open forums with the residents of his district.

As the Editorial correctly points out “Roskam misses the point. Or maybe he lacks courage. A town hall meeting may not result in a “productive” discussion of public policy, but it sends a message that he is listening to his constituents. The same way he listens to lobbyists with money.”

To read the Sun-Time Editorial, click here.

Chicago Tribune reports Roskam still refuses to hold open constituent meetings

Congressman Roskam stubbornly refuses to hold public meetings with constituents.  He told the Chicago Tribune he prefers on-line town halls.  Unfortunately, the questions are pre-screened and access is limited.

The article said “The congressman frequently says he is meeting with constituents in small groups,” Glen Ellyn resident Sandra Alexander said. “Those are private closed-door meetings where constituents cannot challenge him on issues, and the media is not invited.”

Many times, the general public finds out about these events with only 10 minutes or less notice.  Callers and questions are screened so only those people with Roskam friendly questions get through.  His claim that his on-line townhalls get 10,000 attendees seems a bit dubious given the difficulty interested constituents have finding out about these events.

The disconnect between Congressman Roskam and his constituents can be best demonstrated but his recent public comment that the vast majority of comments that he receives when meeting with his constituents urge him to repeal ACA when over 61% actually support it in some form.  This is called selective listening and it is certainly NOT what we need or want in our elected officials!

Click here to read the April 21, 2017 Tribune article


Trump To Cut Funding For Public Libraries!

Tell Roskam to fight to restore funding for American Libraries!

President Trumps new Federal budget calls for the complete elimination of funding support for public libraries.  According to the American Library Association, “The President has proposed eliminating virtually all federal library funding and the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS), the agency that distributes most of the funds to every state in the nation. Now budget-cutters in Congress are considering whether to follow his lead.”  Peter Roskam has consistently voted against socially beneficial programs like these so we need your help to convince him to restore funding for these libraries!

NOW is the time to declare your support of our library system.  Contact Congressman Peter Roskam and declare your support for libraries and urge him to support full funding for these worthwhile programs including the Library Services and Technology Act (LSTA) and Innovative Approaches to Literacy (IAL) programs.

Click Here To Visit THE AMERICAN LIBRARY ASSOCIATION page that explains the problem in greater detail!

Don’t wait!  Contact Congressman Roskam today to express your support for funding public libraries in America.