Articles for October 2017

Roskam Votes To Increase Federal Deficit In New Trump Budget

Representative Peter Roskam of the Illinois 6th Congressional District Voted YES today on the House Continuing Budget Resolution and raise the Federal Deficit by $1.5 Billion.

He Voted To:

  • Increase the national deficit by $1.5 trillion.

  • Slash Medicare by $473 billion and Medicaid by $1 trillion. 

  • Gut funding to repair our nation’s infrastructure by nearly $200 billion.

  • Cut Pell Grants by more than $100 billion, making college less affordable for nearly 8 million working class students.

Illinois representatives Peter Roskam, Adam Kinzinger and Randy Hultgren provided the 3 critical votes to pass President Trumps budget plan as 20 Republicans broke with the president and voted against.  According the public records, Roskam has voted with the Trump agenda 93.6% of the time.

State and Local Tax Deductions May Still Be Eliminated as part of the so-called Tax Reform Package

Still at risk is the nearly $1.3 trillion state and local tax deduction that most Illinois taxpayers use as a deduction.  Some Republicans are pushing to eliminate that deduction to increase revenue to off-set the loss of revenue from the tax breaks going to the the 1% who will reap the largest tax reductions under the Trump tax plan.

According to Crain’s Chicago Business “State and local taxes in Illinois are almost as high as they are on the coasts. An analysis of 2015 IRS data by Bloomberg News found that while the average SALT deduction in districts represented by Democrats nationally is $4,443 and in GOP districts $2,896, in Roskam’s 6th District in DuPage County it’s a whopping $9,583.

401k Tax Exempt Contributions Also At Risk

Also at risk are contributions to workers 401k plans where Trump Republicans would cut the amount that Americans can contribute to those funds without paying taxes.


For more information about the budget voting, refer to the article in Crains   CLICK HERE


Outside Money Pours Into Roskam Campaign

Peter Roskam and the big money fat catsAccording to an article in the Chicago Tribune, Peter Roskam has built a HUGE campaign war chest to fend off challengers in the upcoming 2018 congressional race.  (click here)

What the report doesn’t show is that huge sums of PAC money, much of it from out of state makes up the bulk of his 2017 contributions.  An inspection of FEC campaign statistics for the first half of 2017 shows that 77.5% of donations to his campaign come from outside the state of Illinois. Only 19.2% of contributions come from individuals who live in Illinois.

Over 71% of all money donated to his campaign came from PACs, special committees or other campaign funds contradicting Roskam’s claim of huge support from donors in his own district.

Recently, the organizations funded by the Koch brothers announced a new campaign to funnel huges sums of money into local campaigns to support candidates like Roskam that support their ultra-conservative agenda.  In 2016 the Koch’s and their organizations budgeted $889 million dollars to fund conservative campaigns in that election and money is expected to flow into campaign funds like Roskams over the next 12 months.


Roskam Endorses Trump Cutting ACA Subsidies For Lower Income Americans

Roskam endorses ACA subsidy cutsCongressmen Peter Roskam of the IL 6th congressional district and Randy Hultgren of the 14th publicly endorsed President Trumps latest attempt to destroy the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as he stopped making the subsidy payments that support healthcare coverage for low income Americans.  By eliminating premium and deductible subsidies for low income Americans, industry experts expect the number of people in the program to drop because of dramatic price increases for coverage!
In an article in the Chicago Tribune, Rep. Randy Hultgren of Plano characterized the cutting the ACA subsidies for low income Americans as  “eliminating free money for insurance companies” and would “actually benefit low-income consumers and increase the number of insured Americans starting in 2020”.
Somehow the congressmen believe that making healthcare more expensive for lower Americans will somehow magically lead to more people signing up for health insurance sometime in the future.  One constituent commented “The idea of making health insurance more expensive for lower income Americans by cutting their assistance plans will somehow drive down overall health insurance costs is patently stupid!  These are the same clowns that voted to cut Medicaid funds as part the their Repeal and Replace scam which would have also reduced assistance for the poor!”
This plan is particularly cruel to the 6.7 million middle-class Americans whose premiums will also increase but who do not qualify for the tax subsidies,” Rep. Raja Krishnamoorthi of Hoffman Estates said in a letter to the president protesting the cuts. “Middle-class families would see their out-of-pocket costs increase just to access the same level of care in the plans before the funding cuts.”
Sabotage of public assistance programs should never be endorsed or even tolerated.  It should also be pointed out that between 2014-2016, Insurance companies, Drug makers and large healthcare providers donated over $542,000 to the Roskam re-election campaign and those numbers are expected to dramatically increase between now and the 2018 election.  Roskam and Hultgren need to be replaced!
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