Peter Roskam and the big money fat catsAccording to an article in the Chicago Tribune, Peter Roskam has built a HUGE campaign war chest to fend off challengers in the upcoming 2018 congressional race.  (click here)

What the report doesn’t show is that huge sums of PAC money, much of it from out of state makes up the bulk of his 2017 contributions.  An inspection of FEC campaign statistics for the first half of 2017 shows that 77.5% of donations to his campaign come from outside the state of Illinois. Only 19.2% of contributions come from individuals who live in Illinois.

Over 71% of all money donated to his campaign came from PACs, special committees or other campaign funds contradicting Roskam’s claim of huge support from donors in his own district.

Recently, the organizations funded by the Koch brothers announced a new campaign to funnel huges sums of money into local campaigns to support candidates like Roskam that support their ultra-conservative agenda.  In 2016 the Koch’s and their organizations budgeted $889 million dollars to fund conservative campaigns in that election and money is expected to flow into campaign funds like Roskams over the next 12 months.


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