Roskam voted to overturn EPA Stream Protection Rules to allow coal mining companies to dump toxic waste into nearby waterways.

This measure, H.J. Res. 38, threatens the drinking water and public health of communities living near coal mining operations by permanently blocking the Department of the Interior’s (DOI) Stream Protection Rule. The rule  previously protected 6,000 miles of streams and 52,000 acres of forests, sets up new requirements for water quality monitoring and restoration, and generally compeled coal mining companies to reduce their impact on the surrounding environment. This use of the Congressional Review Act not only overturns the current rule, but prohibits DOI from ever issuing “substantially similar” regulations in the future.  It was signed into law by President Trump in 2017.

Congressman Roskam voted to Open the Arctic Refuge to Oil Drilling.  

The legislation, 2017 H.R., puts our clean energy future at risk while maintaining giveaways to fossil fuel interests. The conference report for H.R. 1 even turns the pristine and sacred Arctic National Wildlife Refuge into an industrial oil field. On December 20, the House approved the conference report for H.R. 1 by a vote of 224-201 (House roll call vote 699). NO IS THE PRO-ENVIRONMENT VOTE. The Senate passed H.R. 1 later that same day and President Trump signed this legislation into law on December 22.


Congressman Roskam voted to severely undermine sustainable forest management policies and roll back critical environmental safeguards for our nation’s forests.

H.R. 2936 allows large-scale timber projects to skip needed environmental reviews and would expand exclusions to bypass conservation rules ideally meant for non-controversial forest management practices. Additionally, the bill reduces public participation and input in the environmental review process, waives the ability of citizens to challenge harmful logging projects in court, and limits the rights of citizens to recover attorneys’ fees when they prevail in court.


Congressman Roskam voted for  to slash water conservation funding by 32% and also allowed policy riders to outright block environmental protections.

The bill, H.R. 3354, contained cut more than $500 million cut to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the 32 percent cut to the Land and Water Conservation Fund. Additionally, it contained a measure that would allow the EPA to bypass the law and hide its repeal of drinking water protections for 117 million people.


Congressman Roskam voted for an anti-environment amendment to H.R. 3354 that would prevent the EPA from implementing its standards to reduce methane pollution from new and modified sources in the oil and gas industry.


Congressman Roskam voted for H.R. 1430, the Honest and Open New EPA Science Treatment (HONEST) Act of 2017, This bill restricts the scientific studies Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can use when evaluating threats to the environment and public health. 

Congressman Roskam has consistently been rated one of the worst Congressmen in Illinois for their voting record on environmental issues.  On as scale of 1 to 100 where 100 is the best possible score, Congressman Roskam received a score of 3 by the League of Conservation Voters in 2017.  The only representative with a lower score was Congressman Randy Hultgren of the 14th district who received a score of zero.


The above list is just a sampling of Congressman Peter Roskam (IL 6th District) environmental votes in the last year.  For a complete list of his voting record on the environment and public health issues please visit the League of Conservation Voters web site.  CLICK HERE

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Last Modified: March 3, 2018

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